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Need An 18 inch dishwasher? Here Are 5 You May Like

Need An 18 inch dishwasher? Here Are 5 You May Like
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There are plenty of dishwasher brandson the market. A popular size is the 18 inch dishwasher.

The Bosch 18 dishwasher is a popular choice, particularly because of the reputation of Bosch.

The company was established in 1886 by Robert Bosch, which was originally his “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering”, Germany Stuttgart.

The company has since gone on to be established as a leading global supplier of technology and services. This success has been carried over their home appliance manufacturing, particularly their dishwashers.

Bosch products are now sold in over 150 countries and they have over 300,000 employees.

18 inch dishwashers have become very popular for those that live in small spaces or as a second dishwasher for times when you don’t have a full load.

They are also good if you are not going to be running the machine at least once a day. The savings that can be had over the years are far greater than using a full sized machine that is always half empty but using water consumption for a full load.

You can expect a dishwasher to last at least 9 to 12 years, so finding the most cost efficient model is the aim and not necessarily the cheapest model.

If you are looking for an 18 inch dishwasher specifically here are some of the best ones that we could find for you.

(1)- Bosch SPV5ES53UC 500 18″ Custom Panel Fully Integrated Dishwasher

Bosch SPV5ES53UC 500 18″ Custom Panel Fully Integrated DishwasherThe Bosch has 4 automatic cycles -and you benefit from 8 standard plate settings. The interior on this is stainless steel for longevity allowing it to resist stains and corrosion.

It has nylon coated racks on the upper and lower.

During washing their is a 3 stage filtering system and you get a power indicator light. The controls are electronic.

The sizes for this 18 inch are; Height 32.25 inches x width 17.75 inches and depth 21.75 inches. So it is in fact just under the 18inch mark.

This is a built in install so once it’s set there’s no need to worry about anything else accept hitting a switch and watching it go to work.

(2)- Sunpentown SD-9241SS 18″ Portable Dishwasher – Stainless Steel

Sunpentown SD-9241SS 18″ Portable Dishwasher – Stainless SteelThe Sunpentown SD-9241SS has a spacious cavity and with it are up to 8 different place settings. The controls are easy to use and the exterior is high quality stainless steel.

You can get water temperatures up to 154F. There is no need for any plumbing when fitting it as it has quick connect feature – which means it can be fitted to any tap.

The different perks such as a time delay feature come as standard, so you can program the machine up to 24 hours in delay before it starts.

There is an error alarm, which will indicate fault codes, so you always know what is happening. The rinse aid indicator is also a useful addition, as it will give you a refill reminder if needed.

It has 6 wash programs and the racks inside are adjustable to accommodate larger dishes. There are up to 8 place setting for utensils inside too.

(3)- Avanti Model DWE1801B Built-In Dishwasher – Black

Avanti Model DWE1801B Built-In Dishwasher – BlackAvanti Model DWE1801B is a built in 18 inch dishwasher. There are 4 automatic cycles and 8 settings for plates, which gives you options when putting plates inside.

It has a stainless steel interior designed to resist rust as well as stains. The racks for the upper and lower are coated with nylon.

You get the 3 stage filtering system electronic controls and a light indicator. A rinse aid dispenser is also fitted.

The size of the Avanti Model DWE1801B is 32.25 inches in Height x 17.75 inches in Width x 21.75 inches depth.

(4)- Frigidaire FFBD1821M 18″ Built-In Dishwasher

Frigidaire FFBD1821M 18″ Built-In DishwasherFrigidaire FFBD1821M is a built in dishwasher sporting stainless steel interior, it has delayed start functionality. You can expect durability, versatility and efficiency from this machine.

It has an energy star rating which means you can save money. Frigidaire is a trusted brand in the dish washing industry. They built a name for them self year after year as the brand that out performs others.

The service calls on the Frigidaire are known to be low, which is just an added bonus, and something you get to benefit from.

(5)- Bosch SPX5ES55UC 500 18″ Stainless Steel Fully Integrated Dishwasher

Bosch SPX5ES55UC 500 18″ Stainless Steel Fully Integrated DishwasherThe Bosch SPX5ES55UC is the quietest machine in its class. It has a decibel reading of 46, which is within the 50 bracket meaning it is virtually quiet when in operation.

It’s active tab tray helps to get the best out of detergent and also helps with dissolving it. Another great benefit is the water softener, which helps to ensure a higher quality clean.

The Aqua stop leak protections helps to disable the dishwasher if there’s leak.

You get 4 wash cycles and multi functional LED’s.

Most of these 18 inch dishwashers are the highest quality. They are also priced below the retail recommendations you can get more information about each one with a little research.

18 inches for a dishwasher is considered very compact, but the great thing is that the quality of the wash is still maintained